Monday, November 12, 2012

Offsite SEO

The second part of SEO is offsite SEO. Offsite SEO is the use of link building to create authority and page rank. Both of these will ultimately help your website appear higher on Google's natural search. However, offsite SEO must be used simultaneously with onsite SEO for optimal results.

There are many different ways to link build. One way to link build is by link exchanging with other webmasters. A second way is by profile linking in which you create an about me profile on forum boards or other sites. A third way is by article creation, submitting an article based on your website's topic/keywords while using these keywords in the article. A fourth way is by blog commenting. When blog commenting, you want to use your keywords in the comment and create link anchor text and hyperlinks using these keywords. Another way is by using bookmarking sites to help build back links. 

These are just a few examples from the many different ways in which you can link build to help create authority and page rank for your site.

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