Monday, October 29, 2012

Marketing 363 at the University of Michigan Dearborn

Marketing 363 is a class offered by one of the top digital marketing schools; the University of Michigan Dearborn. Students enrolled in the class learn about the basics of digital marketing as well as pay per click, keyword search and SEO. Throughout the course, students will also learn about Google AdWords and Google Analytics and will be able to take the AdWords certification test. If the student passes, they will become certified and can then put this certification on a resume.

This class is a great class for students at the university who are unsure whether they should pursue a degree in digital marketing or go with traditional marketing. Marketing 363 uses knowledge from previous marketing courses and introduces new concepts as well. This classes uses a hands on approach. Not only will you learn about digital marketing, but you will also apply these concepts by coming up with your own AdWords campaign for a business as well as using SEO for a personal page based on keywords. This class is what has helped to make the University of Michigan Dearborn one of the best digital marketing schools.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Making the Switch From Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing

Marketing is constantly evolving as new and ever changing technology is being introduced. While some traditional marketing mediums are still being used; such as magazines and television, a new medium has taken over. This new medium is the internet. The internet can be reached using many different devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Due to this, many brands and companies are advertising on the internet through Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook. All of this is an effort to drive traffic to their website and perhaps generate a sale.

Traditional marketing practices are still the basis for marketing. However, marketers must become familiar with and understand digital marketing. Companies and brands that use digital marketing may not be doing so to its full potential. By obtaining a Digital Marketing degree, not only will you understand traditional marketing, but digital marketing as well. This understanding increases your value as a marketer and can help a brand or company achieve the full potential of digital marketing. Also, digital marketing is a growing field in tough economic times.

If you're a student of the University of Michigan Dearborn, Marketing Majors can switch their majors to Digital Marketing. The University of Michigan Dearborn is one of the few schools that offer a Digital Marketing degree and is one of the best digital marketing schools.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Digital Marketing through Google AdWords

Google AdWords has become a huge part of marketing. However, many marketers and even digital marketers do not know what Google AdWords is or how it works. At the University of Michigan Dearborn, Digital Marketing degree students learn about Google AdWords, become familiar with it, use it in real world situations and can even become certified in Google AdWords. A certification in Google Adwords will make you one of the most desirable job candidates.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Best Digital Marketing Schools

One the best digital marketing schools is the University of Michigan Dearborn. The business campus is located on Hubbard Drive in Dearborn, Michigan. The business school offers a wide variety of degrees and the university prides itself in providing the best education possible. Students who obtain a degree from the university do so with the University of Michigan brand image. This image is well respected and will help aide you in your career search after graduation.

Top Digital Marketing Schools

In recent years, the University of Michigan Dearborn has become one of the top digital marketing schools.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Learn More About Digital Marketing

Want to learn more about digital marketing at the University of Michigan Dearborn? Click the link below:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Social Networking and Marketing

Do you like social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter and like marketing? Then come to the University of Michigan Dearborn and earn a degree in Digital Marketing.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Digital Marketing Schools

One of the top digital marketing schools is the University of Michigan Dearborn. The digital marketing degree program was introduced in 2011 and allows students to major in Marketing or Digital Marketing.