Thursday, December 13, 2012

NHL Pricing Promotion

As the weeks go by and the lockout continues, NHL fans are losing what little hope they have that there will still be a season. For the fans, it seems that they are the ones that are really being punished during this. After all, without the fans, the NHL would not exist. Fans are leaving the NHL and are boycotting the NHL and everything related to the NHL. It seems that this lockout, the third under Bettman's reign, will have severe consequences.

As I talk to many fans, it seems that when the NHL returns, they are still going to boycott it and not give the NHL any of their money. When and if the NHL returns, the NHL and the individual teams might have to implement pricing promotions to help regain the fans interest and trust. Some pricing promotions that the league should consider are reduced prices on tickets and merchandise. Some fans even suggested that the league should give away free tickets. After all, they are willing to keep losing money for this long. The league might have to come up with such promotions as a fan appreciation week where tickets are sold at reduced prices or are even given away for free.

If the NHL wants to return to where it once was before the lockout, they will have to implement a good marketing and digital marketing campaign. The NHL will probably also have to hire new marketers to help with the new campaigns and plans. For digital marketers, the NHL can pull talent from the University of Michigan Dearborn, one of the top digital marketing schools.


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