Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two Things the NHL Can Learn from the U of T Rockets Hockey Team

"Fire Bettman." This statement, one of the nicer ones about Gary Bettman, is one that is said and heard by many hockey fans. This lockout has angered many fans and some of these angry fans have abandoned the sport. When the NHL returns from the lockout, they will have to prove to the fans that they do care about them and that their voices will be heard. To do this, the NHL will have to develop a new marketing plan. This marketing plan can use things that the University of Toledo Rockets Hockey team's website has used to help market and promote their team.

Here are the two things that the NHL can learn from the Toledo Rockets Hockey team website:

1. Get to know your fans.

  • Under the news section of the University of Toledo Rockets Hockey team's website, there is a "Website Polls" section. This section is great for learning about and getting to know your fans by asking them simple questions. Questionnaires are a great way to learn about your target market.

2. Listen to your fans.

  • Based on the results of the polls, the team can make changes to the program itself and the marketing campaign. This results in happy fans and it really shows your fans that you care about them, value them and value their opinion.
Now, let me leave you with a few questions to think about.

Will you return as a fan to the sport of hockey, and participate as a fan by watching the games on TV, going to the games, buying merchandise, etc.?

If not, what will it take for you to return as a fan to the sport? An apology from the league or owners? Free tickets? Reduced prices? What will it take?

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